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Precision Flooring Solutions in Wellington

Make your space stand out with Superior Home Finishes. We offer top-tier residential and commercial flooring services in Wellington. From elegant hardwood to durable tile and more, our experts deliver excellence at every step. Enhance your surroundings today.
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Who Are We?

About Superior Home Finishes

What sets Superior Home Finishes apart is our unwavering commitment to excellence in flooring services. Serving both residential and commercial clients in Wellington, we offer a diverse range of flooring solutions, from timeless hardwood and elegant tile to versatile vinyl and plush carpets.

Our expertise extends to gym and commercial flooring, ensuring functionality meets aesthetics. We also excel at concrete leveling and resurfacing, rectifying uneven surfaces. But we’re not just about the installation; our flooring design services let your vision shine through. With hundreds of successful projects under our belt, we’ve earned our reputation for excellence in residential and commercial spaces. At Superior Home Finishes, we’re your partners in transforming spaces into works of art.

What We Do

Flooring Services in Wellington

With solutions that span the spectrum of flooring needs, Superior Home Finishes is your premier choice in Wellington. We specialize in transforming spaces with top-quality tile, hardwood, LVP/LVT, laminate, and carpet flooring.

Tile Flooring

Transform your space with our exquisite tile flooring solutions, adding style and durability to your home or business environment in Wellington.

Hardwood Flooring

Renew your interiors with the timeless charm of hardwood flooring, expertly installed and crafted to enhance your Wellington property’s value.

LVP/LVT Flooring

Experience luxury vinyl plank and tile flooring that combines affordability with unmatched versatility, ensuring elegance and ease of maintenance.

Laminate Flooring

Discover budget-friendly laminate flooring options that mimic the look of hardwood or tile, perfect for achieving a sophisticated aesthetic in Wellington homes and businesses.

Carpet Flooring

Enjoy plush comfort and endless design possibilities with our premium carpet flooring solutions, tailored to add warmth and coziness to your Wellington space.

Gym Flooring

Create a safe and high-performance workout space with our gym flooring solutions, designed to withstand heavy use and protect your fitness space in Wellington.

Commercial Flooring

Trust our expertise in delivering durable and aesthetically pleasing commercial flooring solutions designed to meet the unique demands of Wellington businesses.

Surface Prep

Improve floor safety and aesthetics with our expert preparation services. Specializing in leveling and repairing, we ensure your floors are safe and visually stunning.

Heated Applications

Our specialists install heating elements under any flooring, offering detailed guidance for a hassle-free, warm, and cozy environment.

Wellington Flooring Services

Why Choose Us?

The kind of expertise that Superior Home Finishes brings to the table is unmatched. With a vast portfolio of successfully completed residential and commercial flooring projects, we have honed our skills to perfection. Our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction shines through in every tile, hardwood, carpet, or concrete floor we install.

We understand the unique needs of Wellington homeowners and businesses, offering tailored solutions that combine style and functionality. When you choose us, you select a team of professionals committed to delivering lasting, aesthetically pleasing results. Trust Superior Home Finishes for your flooring needs; we turn visions into reality.

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