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Guide to Choosing the Right Flooring for Your Home

Superior Home Finishes » Guide to Choosing the Right Flooring for Your Home

Choosing the right flooring is much more complicated than picking what looks the best. It would be best to consider durability, moisture, cost, wear and tear, and other factors. Here is a guide to choosing the best flooring in Fort Collins for different areas in your home.

How do I choose the right type of flooring for my home?

First, decide which rooms of your house you want new flooring for and whether the flooring will be the same in those rooms or different. Next, you’ll want to measure the rooms and determine the square footage. Square footage is calculated by multiplying the length and width of a room. If you have a room that isn’t shaped in a perfect rectangle, you can break it down into smaller rectangles, find the square footage of the smaller rectangles, and then add them together. Now that you have the square footage, you can determine what flooring is best for your project and how much it will likely cost.

High-Moisture Areas

Flooring in high-moisture areas such as kitchens and bathrooms must be suitable for the task. You do not want water to penetrate your flooring and damage the wood subflooring. Materials such as concrete, ceramic, porcelain, and vinyl tile are best suited for high-moisture areas. You can use wood, but it will need to be properly sealed to protect against water damage. Nowadays, you can even find tiles that look like wood instead!

Pet-Resistant Flooring

Hardwood flooring looks beautiful, but your beautiful hardwood floor will quickly become scratched if you have pets. It’s easy to sand out scratches on site-finished hardwood, but you can only sand down the wood so many times. If you have lots of animals, you may want to consider ceramic or porcelain tile, laminate flooring, plank vinyl, or carpet.

What Maintenance Is Required for Different Types of Flooring?

When choosing a floor, it would be best to consider your time constraints and lifestyle. For instance, if you’re prone to spilling things, an easy-to-clean floor would suit your home better. Here’s how to clean common floor types:

  • Carpet Flooring: Vacuuming often will remove dirt, dust, and debris. Annual steam cleaning is also ideal for maintaining color.
  • Ceramic Tile: You can vacuum or sweep tile flooring. You’ll want to mop with a mild cleaner and scrub grout regularly.
  • Hardwood: Sweep with a soft brush or vacuum with a soft brush attachment. Avoid water and clean spills immediately. Hardwood floors also need to be refinished every few years.
  • Laminate: A damp mop or microfiber towel works well. Avoid abrasive cleaners, excessive water, and steaming.
  • Linoleum: Rinse and mop. Use linoleum-friendly wax every so often.
  • Marble: Marble must be sealed often and only be cleaned with hot water and a pH-neutral cleaner.
  • Stone: Stone flooring needs to be polished often.

Resilient vinyl flooring (tile, sheet, or plank) requires the most minor maintenance. Laminate flooring is a close second. You can also opt for higher-maintenance flooring, such as hardwood, and cover high-traffic areas with rugs to reduce maintenance needs!

What Is the Average Cost of Installing New Flooring in Fort Collins?

Once you’ve determined the best type of flooring for your home, you’ll also need to consider your budget. Flooring is usually sold by square foot, so take your measurements from earlier and use the chart below to calculate the average cost of your new floor. Remember that this is just for materials and doesn’t include flooring installation in Fort Collins. Our flooring services are calculated based on the material’s difficulty and the project’s size, but we offer transparent pricing, so you’ll know the final cost before we start.

  • $2 or less – Bargain laminate flooring, sheet and tile flooring, ceramic and porcelain tiles (tile is relatively cheap but is labor intensive, so keep that in mind)
  • $2 to $5 – Solid hardwood, engineered hardwood, laminates, and high-quality luxury vinyls.
  • $5 or more – rare or imported wood, premium laminate, and luxury vinyl.

Unless you have an immediate need for new flooring, it may be worth it to save for pricier floors. They’re often more durable and look nicer than their cheaper counterparts.

What Types of Flooring Services Do You Offer in Fort Collins?

We offer residential flooring services in Fort Collins. Our experienced flooring contractors will install your floor seamlessly. We work with hardwood, tile, vinyl, laminate, carpet, heated floors, gym floors, and LVT flooring. If you’re still unsure what flooring will be best for your home, we’ll work with you to find the perfect flooring within your budget!

Do You Offer Customized Flooring Options?

Yes! Because we excel in various flooring services in Fort Collins, we extended our services to include customized flooring options, including installing heating elements to add a luxurious feel to your bathroom tile, demolishing old floors, and installing new flooring perfectly!

Contact us today to discuss new flooring for your home!

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